How to measure bay windows

Trackman can offer a custom bending service for our Silent Gliss curtain poles and curtain track systems. However as these are a Made to Measure product and NON-RETURNABLE it is very important that your window is measured correctly. Follow our guide but always double check your measurements and if in doubt Contact Us for more advice.

1. First select the type of bay that represents the type of window in your home.
2. Then using the diagram as a guide measure the distance between each combination of points listed for your window type.
3. Record the actual measurements of your window and return them to us via Email for an accurate quote stating which curtain pole or curtain track you are purchasing.
4. State on the email whether you require Wall or Ceiling fix brackets.
5. Check for Any obstacles that may be in the way and note this on the email, such as picture rails, Extended window cills etc.
6. Send the dimensions to us on an email using our Contact Us page. It is also useful to send a diagram or photo of the bay window with your measurements.
7. We will then contact you with a quote or any queries we may have.
8. If you then decide to go ahead with the quote we will then place an order on site and forward a confirmation drawing for you to double check the measurements given.
9. Bay windows are normally delivered to you in 10 to 14 working days.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask. if you would like more information on bay windows please see our bay window advice page.

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